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What If... You Had a Crystal Ball That Could Tell You Which Keywords Will Land You On Page 1 of Google?

LiveRankSniper IS That Crystal Ball!

Peter Drew

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Rank in Any Niche? I Show you How, [Video]


If you are an SEO person or Video Marketer,
this software will blow your socks off.

Never have I seen results like this before..

[Check the Video Demo here]

Its mind blowing, thus I'm getting into this software so fast..

It will be "The" Go to Tool for any person
doing any SEO or Video Marketing online..

You can use this software to "Generate" New Clients.
Since you'll know "Before" you take on their project
if you can rank for it or not.. Then have "Proof" in
actual Google of your rankings of their Terms.

Using only a few minutes of your time you can use
it to show results to prospective clients before you
even sign them up establishing an incredible sense of

Nothing better than having a potential clients eyes pop out
of their heads before a contract is even signed..
Your conversions from prospective to under contract can go through the roof.

Looking forward to seeing you on the Inside

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Keyword List to P1 Google Under 1 hour? New Google Poking Software..



Its that time again,

Well its an incredibly exciting time again..

Have you seen Peter Drew's new Google Poking Software?

That allows you to find out in pretty much "REAL TIME"
Whether your keywords will arrive in Google Page 1.

You supply his software a list of keyword phrases you've
organised for a future project, and it will show you
in under an hour if your videos arrive on Page 1 Google

Simple as that.

See his video explanation here.. Plus Tons more


Instant Page 1 Listings


Not only does his software show you which of
your terms will arrive on Page 1 of Google.

It creates a Custom Unique YouTube LIVE event
for each of your keyword phrases entered
into the sofftware.

It then spiders Google to find which of those
LIVE Events made it to Page 1 or 2 of Google
as per your settings.

Once its discovered those which made it to P1 or P2,
it then LIVE Streams your video
content to those LIVE event place holders.

When you add your list of keyword phrases,
the software allows you to use one or more Thumbnail images
to represent your project. These are what you see in Google,
your appealing thumbnail right there
in the SERPS before you even stream a video to them.

This software is a one stop shop to saving bucket loads of time,
on those terms that never hit page 1 in google.

You'll only be focusing on those that you already know have made it to
page 1. Incredible time saver.

Check out all the amazing results the existing
Beta Testers are getting each and every day here.

Exciting Times.


Its Called Live Rank Sniper!


We had 150+ Beta testers testing this baby, and they loved it..

See it in action here [Video]

We asked the beta testers for some great tag lines for this product.

Tell Google where they can stick it!"
"Put page 1 in your crosshairs"
"Bag big game in the Google Zoo"
"Greed is Good. Rank is Bank"

You Want It .. Live Rank Sniper Hunts It

Rank & Bank Just Got Stank

Rankings used to be safe ... not any more

To Rank and Bank, Live Snipe to Survive.
To Rank and Bank, Survive via Live Snipe.
Snipe to Survive and then Rank and Bank.

Live Rank Sniper) Video Ranking Made Easy

Live Rank Sniper) Point Click and Rank

Bullseye Google Rankings

Video Ranking on Steroids

Page 1 Video Rankings, Any Time

Automated Bulk Page One Video Rankings

That's about 1/3 of them..

This is a "New Strategy" that's working like a doozy!!

Check out the Video here..

Honestly if you have a website, or clients.

You need to grab this, you'll find so many First Page Results.. plus this is never ending..
starting to get it? This is really valuable.

Ok I'll shut up now..
Make sure you watch this video, so you can see I'm not talking about my beehind :)



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