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Superior Parts LTD now offers on-vehicle brake resurfacing for all autos ranging from cars, vans, SUV’s and pickups.


If you are a skilled motorist, in Jamaica you possibly have actually experienced a brake pedal that shakes, screeches or performs really improperly and also for years, you possibly have actually attempted many costly options to replace your brake discs or pads to deal with the issue.


Brake skimming is the procedure of skimming the brake discs of your automobile to restore its surface area. A lot of the moment, vehicle proprietors pick aerated discs but others pick solid discs. This service has actually gained popularity due to its cost and also ability to recover the brake discs.

Brake skimming can be done more than one time in a brake disc’s lifetime, offering us the option to have actually the service done regularly rather than having the brake discs replaced when we do not have to. This can be done routinely in order to extend the lifespan of the brake disc.

Since you recognize that brake skimming is crucial, you need to be aware of the indications that indicate problems in your brake discs. Below are some of them:

The brake discs are rusty.

The brake pads schedule for a modification but the brake discs have not entirely shabby yet.

The brakes screech whenever you are using it.

The brake judders or shakes whenever you are using it.

The brake reaction is postponed or bouncy.


Prior to actually doing the procedure of skimming, the garage service technician will certainly determine the brake disc and also ensure that there is enough surface area to be skimmed. The service technician will certainly identify the surface area density that is workable for your brake discs by taking a look at the producer of your automobile.

If the surface area density of your brake discs are too thin, the garage service technician will certainly suggest you to have it replaced because you need to abide by the regulations of the manufacturers and also the road safety and security regulations. If the surface area density of your brake discs are thick adequate to be worked with, the service technician will certainly proceed and also skim your discs.

There are many rewards for deciding brake skimming. Below are some of the problems it can fix:

It can stop your brakes from squealing.

It can stop existing rust problems in your discs.

It can help you plan for MOT tests by improving your automobile’s brake effectiveness.

It can eliminate the worn lip on your disc triggered by duplicated stopping.

It can eliminate fragments, corrosion and also dust that may disrupt your automobile’s capability to brake.

It can fix the resonance problems of your brake system.

It can help you conserve cash when servicing your automobile.

It can maintain your brake system from squealing, squealing, juddering or vibrating.

It can eliminate friction particles or product that has actually been installed into the brake disc.

It can improve the efficiency of your brake system and also maintain you safe while driving.

It will certainly provide you an observable improvement in the efficiency of your brake system.

It can offer you one of the most beneficial stopping whenever you transform the brake pads.


If you reside in Kingston or the surrounding locations, you can call on Superior Parts LTD to do the brake skimming for you. Their garage is outfitted with the current technology that will certainly help any type of automobile proprietor, specifically, conserve cash, time and also enhance the general stopping efficiency of your automobile.

To figure out your brake problems, they have actually gotten the PRO-CUT PFM900. It is the really first completely automated brake turret that can be attached to your vehicle. This technology has actually been created to fix various brake-related problems:

When suitable new brake pads to your automobile, the old pads may have worn your brake discs to a wedge form, usually showing up as a sharp lip. This can drastically reduce the efficiency and also lifespan of your brake discs.

Your brake discs might warp due to duplicated heavy stopping and also distorted centers. This repetitive action will certainly cause your disc to collect reduced places, creating your brake system to judder and also feature improperly.

Rust, dust and also other particles can accumulate in your stopping system. This will certainly cause you to experience a total bad stopping efficiency and also ultimately, lead you to fallen short MOT tests.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, the PRO-CUT PFM900 can offer the service. The PRO-CUT PFM900 can be bolted directly to your vehicle’s center, making sure that your brake disc is resurfaced according to your vehicle’s center axis. This is done to make sure that your brake disc and also brake center are matched flawlessly with each other.

While doing the brake skimming service, the garage service technician can likewise look into other locations in your automobile. Due to the fact that the wheels are removed for this procedure, the garage service technician can proceed and also examine your shock absorbers, hydraulic hose pipes, suspension and also the general problem of your automobile.

If the garage service technician will certainly be able to recognize problems besides problems with your brakes, she or he will certainly be able to advise other solutions that will certainly make sure the roadworthiness of your automobile, depending upon the severity of your automobile problems and also your repair work budget plan.

How much time does it require to skim your brakes? It will certainly take about 10 minutes when automated surface area machining is utilized on your brake disc, so it will only take less than an hour to have all 4 disc brakes attended to.

Your brake discs can be skimmed more than as soon as and also you only need to replace them when they have actually reached their minimum surface area density.

Because changing your brake discs everytime it shows a concern is really impractical, opting for brake skimming is an affordable choice, top quality service and also practical service for your brake system problems.

If you want to have your brakes checked or you want to speak with a specialist regarding brake skimming, get in touch with Superior Components Ltd today at

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