Choosing a Plymouth MI Buyer Agent

Choosing A Buyer Agent For A Plymouth Michigan Home purchase

Most first time buyers don’t seem to care much as far as who to who to use as a buyer agent.

That is unfortunate when such a significant dollar amount is involved.

This minute long video shows what things to think about when interviewing potential agents.

If you keep these characteristics in mind is will greatly help you resolve that issue.


To recap from the video:

Five skills or characteristics to think about before you choose a buyer agent:

Skill One: Ability to help you critically evaluate homes (Ask them for examples where they helped a buyer to not buy a home.)

Skill Two: Ability to guide you through negotiation (Ask about specific training they would have had and examples.)

Skill Three: Proof of success (Like signed savings sheets from previous buyer clients)

Skill Four: Loyalty to you, no matter what home you buy, what lender you use, what inspector you use or what title company you use. (Ask if their real estate company generates income from affiliated lenders, movers, title companies, or inspectors.)

Skill Five: The ability to shop and negotiate with lenders

Here is another video with help choosing a buyer agent for the Chelsea Michigan area:

And another:

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