Graduate Diploma in Counselling

After an amazing career as a policewoman, only losing it to an accident, i found myself being a stay at
mum again and using all my time for the family and allowing nothing for myself. In my forties, with plenty of time on my hands i found myself becoming increasingly disillusioned with how my life was becoming a dull routine and no longer challenging.
My husband suggested further study into something i was passionate about and that is when i came across the aipc website. I sat on it for a few weeks before realising it was me that was able to map my life out and make something great out of it because nobody was going to knock on my front door and do it for me.

The Role of the Counsellor

Casa house counsellor/advocates have specialist knowledge and skills in
ing with sexual assault impacts and come from a range of backgrounds including social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and art therapists. The counsellor/advocate’s role is to:
provide a safe space to explore and express thoughts and feelings
provide information about your rights and options, and through advocacy support you to exercise your rights if you request this
help you explore and develop your personal strengths and resources.
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What is financial counselling?

Never pay for financial counselling. Businesses that charge
for this are debt consolidation and refinancing companies.

Tafe sa counsell
s will listen to you and treat you with respect. We will work with you to help resolve any issues that are impacting on you being successful with your studies. We will assist you in developing skills to help you with your study (study skills, time management, coping strategies). We will refer you to appropriate agencies when specialist or ongoing support is required. We can support students with a wide range of issues, including:
assisting with personal issues affecting your studies
strategies for coping with study stress, anxiety and depression
problem solving strategies
support dealing with crisis and trauma
financial assistance information
lgbtiq+ other culturally diverse counselling support.

Administration of the rfcs program moved to the national recovery and resilience agency on 1 july 2021. The rfcs provides free financial counselling to farmers, fishing enterprises, forestry growers and harvesters, and small related businesses experiencing, or at risk of, financial hardship. Rural financial counsellors are qualified professionals. They will listen to your problems, look at your situation as a whole and provide support unique to you. They will help you to develop an action plan and take the necessary steps to get you out of financial difficulty. They will also help you to build your financial knowledge, skills and resilience so you can confidently manage potential challenges in the future.

Financial counsellors who are members of the financial counselling network are experienced in developing strategies and plans and know how to access a variety of options to assist in re-establishing lives.

We need your support

Lilly pilly counselling supports clinicians in furthering their knowledge through training, workshops, and resources. We also offer clinical supervision, case reviews and support, team events, and more. Contact us to find out more.

The safety of australian families during these challenging times is very important. Information on covid-19 impacts on services and supports available to help families is available here.

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unions between two people can create a loving and nurturing environment for both parties. Through each other’s presence, people in the relationship can grow mentally and emotionally through love and support. However, there are still differences in the individuals in. Read more
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the conversation on mental health has taken off. And although there’s still so much we need to do as a society in terms of mental health; it can be really refreshing to see people invest in their mental health more.

Sometimes clients require a long time to make positive changes in their life. Counsellors need to keep supporting them, and not let frustration or burn out impact their relationship with their client.

Learn to be a Counsellor

We provide family and relationship counselling as well as a range of specialist counselling services. Learn more
relationships australia employs experienced and qualified counsellors australia-wide, who provide a range of counselling services including:
family and relationship counselling
counselling for divorced / separating couples
online relationship counselling
we provide a range of counselling and other services specifically for the workplace. Learn more
relationships australia provides a range of counselling and other services in the workplace. Managing relationships well both at work and at home is important for wellbeing. Relationship difficulties in one area of our life, impacts on our ability to relate effectively in the other.