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Andre Lamoglia is a hunky Brazillian actor who has had an explosive rise in popularity even at the age of 24 (born the 4th of August, 1997). The fame of Andre Lamoglia skyrocketed after his performance as Ivan in the fifth season of the Spanish criminal thriller “Elite” on Netflix.

When he created this series, Lamoglia worked with a group of young actors including Carla Diaz, Valentina Zenere, Adam Nourou, Georgina Amoros, Omar Ayuso, Itzan Escamilla, as well as Claudia Salas.

Lamoglia entered the entertainment industry in the year 2017 when he appeared on the Brazillian television series “Segredos de Justica” as Tomaz Pacha. After that, he appeared in many more films and shows.

As of 2022, he’s still married and single, and not only did he make the list Millennial Lifestyle Magazine has of “The 50 Most Eligible Bachelor’s 2022” but also made Millennial Lifestyle Magazine’s 20 Sexy Men That Are Hot with Roman Alexander Wellington, Kerem Bursin, as well as Can Yaman.


Andre Lamoglia


Andre Lamoglia Family & Childhood

On August 4, 1997, Andre Lamoglia Agra Gomes (age 24) was born in the gorgeous city that we are familiar with as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the home of his dad, Joao Roberto Fontes, and mother, Regina Lamoglia. The elder brother of his Victor Lamoglia is an established artist experienced in working in various productions, including “Sharknado 5: Global Swarming” and “Big Family.”

The tale of Andre becoming an actor is interesting as well. He once took Victor to his theatre, and the atmosphere in the theater enticed him. Later, Lamoglia requested his mother that he wants to do acting as well.



Andre Lamoglia photo shoot


Andre Lamoglia Career

He started his YouTube channel, titled “Sem Moderacao,” with Marcelo Duque, however there was only one video and failed. Shortly after, he entered the world of marketing, working for an internet service company.

The year also saw him debut in theater, playing the lead character in Jose Wilker’s production of Cinderella in the Teatro Ipanema, with actress Anna Rita Cerqueira. Afterward the play, he was one of the actors who were substituted during the production.

He filmed his debut on Brazilian television. He was a part of 3 of 5 episodes of the second season of the show Secrets of Justice, playing Tomaz Pacha who is one of three teenage children of a couple who recently divorced.

He got his first major TV role as the main character of the Brazilian TV show “Juacas,” which talks about surfing.



Andre Lamoglia Shirtless


In 2019, he starred again in the television series “Juacas” in its second season. In this season as well as competing at the Annual Super Surfing Wave Championship (CAOSS) the teams Juacas, Rede Sharks, and Sirenas face their dilemmas. Due to the character’s popularity, he was nominated for the My Nick Awards in the Best Male Television Artist category.

On April 18, 2019, Andre participated on behalf of Disney Channel in the National Geographic channel’s global campaign (known as Nat Geo Run) held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that aims to raise awareness about the environmental impacts.

He not only accompanied this initiative by collaborating in the presentation of the event, but also participated in the race that was held in the course of this campaign.

The appearance took place while the actor was in Argentina filming the second season of the Disney Channel series Bia, where he is the character Luan who is a childhood acquaintance who is the father of Thiago (Rhener Freitas) who is a Brazilian who visits him and stays at the Kunst residence and later finds the lover of his life.

In 2020, Andre took part in his first Spanish music video of the track “Inesquecivel” by singer Giulia Be as a boy who is in the love of “Giulia.”

In an interview with Spanish magazine Hugo Gloss, Lamoglia admitted that before shooting the steamy scenes for Elite the film, he was quite nervous. “It was much more relaxed than I thought. We’ve got a full rehearsal for that. When we are filming these scenes, our team is all reduced on the set. At that moment there are only the ones who have to be present.”

During one of the episodes in which his character and Patrick participate in a passionate sex scene which leads to him stating the notion that there was the existence of a prosthetic penis were “lies, lies, lies”.

Lamoglia “kept thinking about the logistics of how it would be done” during the build-up of the event.

“The team is reduced on stage. The intimacy manager is on set, precisely for those scenes, to make us more relaxed and prepared so that we can bring more authenticity to the scene”, He added. “So it was a lot easier to film than I expected. I felt very comfortable in doing these.”

Being Ivan can make him feel “little protected” as he was acting in character throughout filming.

“I’ll leave it to your imagination,” he says while discussing whether or it was a completely naked man. “Just kidding. I did not do any naked scenes. We had protection, a covering for sex. It’s called a ‘thong or a’sock’.”

He also said that he did not take off all his clothes for the cameras. “I’ll let you use your imagination! (laughs) It’s just a joke. This was my first experience where that I had to do some kind of scene that had a little more intimacy. I never did scenes in complete nakedness, because as much as it was a sexual scene or something more intimate, we had protection with a sex cover. They call it a thong here. Or some sock, similar to it. The crew is already prepared for this type of scene, and I felt particularly comfortable during these kinds of scenes.”

He also explained the distinction between himself as a character and his. “I also feel that I, as an actor I’m somewhat protected by the character, because Ivan is in the role and in contrast to Andre Lamoglia. Thus, I’m standing in the middle of the character, and doing what the script demands from me.”



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