How to Start Selling On Etsy

like you know what products sell the best on the Etsy platform it will be easier for you to sell the similar kinds of products and make a fine profit. In this article we will say you virtually some of the top selling Etsy products that you can acquire involved with.

The data on top sellers is always changing, but the list below is beautiful stable and if you choose these products later you are more likely to be rich like your Etsy shop. So, here is the list:


Digital prints

Planners and stickers

Vinyl mugs

Phone cases

Sewing patterns and supplies

Products for pets

Toys and baby items

Personal care products

Lets agree to a see at these to determine why they are popular.


Jewelry has been the top seller on Etsy for years and is likely to remain in the top spot for years to come. Handmade jewelry is the best. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets every sell well. Customers purchase these items for others as competently as themselves. locate a producer of handmade jewelry and you should accomplish totally well.

Digital Prints

Digital prints have also always sold competently on Etsy. popular items affix art prints, planners, patterns and more. You can use art prints from the public domain (copyright free) and repackage these as your own. If you can make your own planners later these will sell well. locate fine sewing patterns that you can sell for a gain too.

Planners and Stickers

We are talking virtually brute products here rather than digital downloads. It is surprising how popular stickers are on Etsy. You can locate a fine designer on Fiverr to make stickers for you and later locate a print shop who will print these for you. The similar goes like planners.

Vinyl Mugs

There is a genuine trend for cool looking mugs right now and you can acquire some designs created and later send them to vinyl mug manufacturers who will print them on the mugs for you. see at top sellers of vinyl mugs on Etsy for inspiration.

Phone Cases

People like to have unique style phone cases for their smartphones. The opportunities are virtually endless here. Customers are likely to purchase more than one type of phone raid from you if the price is right.

Sewing Patterns and Supplies

Crafts are huge on Etsy and there are always people on the lookout for fine sewing patterns. So, it is your job to locate these patterns and sell them. You can arrive to an concurrence like manufacturers of sewing supplies as competently thus that you gain on every sales made.

Products for Pets

People in the US in reality adore their pets and you can save them happy by supplying them like good pet products in your Etsy shop. You will probably habit to affix like manufacturers in new countries to purchase these products at a low price.

Toys and Baby Items

Wooden toys are fine sellers on Etsy. locate someone that makes them and be their sales channel for a commission. popular baby products affix silicon teethers and headbands. locate a fine source for these and you can make a fine profit.

Personal Care Products

These are products like handmade soaps, lip balms, critical oils and smooth oils. People on Etsy like natural products thus you will habit to locate a supplier of these items that you can team going on like to sell their products in your Etsy shop.