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Our mission is to concentrate on the highest mood of education in a caring and in agreement environment, producing graduates who are practiced to assist themselves and others to experience increased health and with ease visceral through the Holistic Healing Arts. Our programs are with ease intended to prepare the students for a rewarding career. Our professional staff works difficult to come up with the money for the extremely best experience and personal layer to our students and prepare them with ease passable to permit the students to begin a career as soon as they graduate. Building a hermetically sealed curriculum at an affordable price enables more people to pursue this incredible and rewarding career.


550 HOUR – recognized smooth THERAPIST (CMT) PROGRAM

This program begins bearing in mind core education in Swedish smooth techniques and practices and continues to enlarge sum up education in advocate modalities such as Deep Tissue, Pregnancy Massage, advocate Swedish techniques, advocate Anatomy & more. involved in our clinic mood and getting enhanced education in situation skills and ethics will equip our students bearing in mind a competitive edge to get employed in this rewarding field. In accessory upon graduation our students will be eligible to apply for endorsement as a smooth therapist bearing in mind the California smooth Therapy Council (CAMTC).

A career in smooth therapy has fittingly many interchange opportunities to accomplishment each therapist’s interests. Establishing your own situation and growing personal clientele is empowering and offers personal fulfillment. If you are looking for opportunities, here are some places that come up with the money for excellent career paths for our students:

Chiropractic Offices – Sports Therapy and Recovery Centers

Private Health Clubs and Spas – Hotels and Resorts

In this opinion session, we will evaluation everything you habit to know in order to successfully supreme your program.

a2z Health Massage Schools Los Angeles CA

a2z Health Massage Schools Los Angeles CA

a2z Health Massage Schools Los Angeles CA