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A conical roofing system is where the slope or ‘pitch’ of the roof is created by the insulation where the roof is level, to enable water to drain pipes off. Low Slope polyisocyanurate roof insulation or conical iso for brief, is made from the exact same ridge foam product that typical polyiso roof insulation is made from. Routine iso board comes in level sheets and also in numerous various thicknesses to include tapered. It can be a complexed procedure to slope a flat roof utilizing this system, especially where 3 sides collaborated. However there’s a mathematical formula, or method to the chaos, as we such as to call it, that brings all the items in position which ever level roof configuration we compute.

For instance, right here’s a little bit of math within a conical system. Tapered Sheet is offered in 4′ x 4′ items or panels that transform thicknesses over 4′ range. The amount of the adjustment in thickness in each panel is a 1/4″ per foot. This implies that for each foot of range the iso get 1/4 “thicker.


There are 3 kinds of sloped panels made.

X panel measures 1/2″ to 1 1/2 “in thickness

Y Panel step 1 1/2″ to 2 1/2 “in thickness

Z Panel step 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 in thickness

After that as an example an X panel begins at 1/2″ thickness and also boosts a 1/4″ in thickness every foot. Since the item of iso is 4′ long, the thickness boost will certainly amount to 1/4″ times 4 or a surge of 1″ over the 4′ range (1/2 to 1/ 12″ )Level roofing contractors can after that set up the sloped insulation to move water towards roof drains, scuppers, or rain gutters.

At this 1/4 ? slope per foot, there are just numerous panels available that can get to a range of 12 ?. If your level roof is bigger, the following section can utilize the exact same set of panels after setting up a 3 ? level panel, one that you place those exact same panels on top of. This implies the following 12 ? after the very first 24 ? would require two 3 ? level panels under the following set of slopping panels.

Now imagine this, some houses have 2 and also 3 sides of roof shingles pertaining to a flat roof. Each side where the roof shingles satisfy the level the slope requires to run in the exact same downward slopping instructions. This implies that for a 3 sided roof the tapper will certainly relocate to the center while still sloped to the fourth side and also off the roof. This is where the chaos comes in, but thankfully there’s math involved to every inch. Do not worry, we have you covered and also can handle any configuration your roof brings us.

There’s a 15 to 20 year warranty to CertainTeed tapered iso systems.

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